Talk at Toyo University

Yamazaki gave an invited talk at Toyo University.

Tadashi Yamazaki. Neural network simulation (Japanese, invited). Public symposium on Philosophy and AI. June 16, 2018, Toyo University, Tokyo.

NC Workshop

Yamazaki gave an invited talk at OIST on 6/15.

Tadashi Yamazaki.
Reevaluating a theory of cerebellar cortex

Inter-disciplinary workshop

Yamazaki gave a talk in the workshop at NAIST on March 6.

High-performance neurocomputing: unifying computational neuroscience and high-performance computing towards human-scale brain network simulation

Heterogeneous Manycore Symposium

Yamazaki gave a talk on our artificial cerebellum in the symposium.

Tadashi Yamazaki, Wataru Furusho. Real-time simulation of cerebellum. New Horizons of Computational Science with Heterogeneous Many-Core Processors. February 27-28, 2018, RIKEN, Wako.


In the 27th Annual Conference of Japanese Neural Network Society held at Kitakyushu Convention Hall on Sep 20-22, we gave 5 presentations.

  • Tadashi Yamazaki. The Cerebellum as a Reinforcement Learning Machine?
  • Yamaura Hiroshi, Jun Igarashi, Tadashi Yamazaki. Spiking network model of the cerebro-cerebellar communication loop
  • Daisuke Ichimura, Tadashi Yamazaki. Computer simulation of a pathological walk using a small humanoid robot
  • Tsukasa Tsuyuki, Yuki Yamamoto, Tadashi Yamazaki. Multi compartment model simulation of cerebellar granule layer
  • Wataru Furusho, Tadashi Yamazaki. Speeding up the cat-scale artificial cerebellum for online learning

ICANN 2017

Mr. Furusho (M1) gave a poster presentation at International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN) held at Sardinia, Italy.

Wataru Furusho, Tadashi Yamazaki. Implementation of Learning Mechanisms on a Cat-scale Cerebellar Model and its Simulation. 26th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN) 2017. September 11-14 2017, Sardinia, Italy.

Neuroscience 2016 @ San Diego

Katakura and Ichimura gave poster presentations, respectively.

Katakura had unexpectedly many audiences so that he had to stay at his poster through the poster time.

Ichimura received some wonderful offers and had discussions on our next research topic.

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