Gordon Research Conference on Cerebellum

Yamazaki attended in a conference (or a training camp) named Gordon Research Conference on Cerebellum held in 8/11-16 and presented a poster.

CNS 2013 Paris

Mr. Inaba (M1, affiliated by Yamamoto lab.) ‘s study was accepted for presentation in CNS 2013 Paris. Congratulations!

Manabu Inaba, Tadashi Yamazaki. An actor-critic model of saccade adaptation.

Plus, Yamazaki will talk at a workshop in the same conference as an invited speaker.

SNPD 2013

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Kubota (M1, affiliated by Nishino Lab. Dept Informatics, UEC) and Yamazaki’s joint work was accepted for presentation at SNPD 2013.

Mamoru Kubota, Tadashi Yamazaki, Tetsuro Nishino: Brain-Inspired Motion Programming for Hobby-Use Humanoid Robots.


Yamazaki had an oral presentation at international conference ICONIP2012 held in Doha, Qatar in Nov 12-15.

 Tadashi Yamazaki, Soichi Nagao. Modeling Post-training Memory Transfer in Cerebellar Motor Learning. T. Huang et al. (Eds.): ICONIP 2012, Part III, LNCS 7665, pp. 417-424. 2012. Nov 12-15, Doha, Qatar.

It was a huge conference composed by 400 presentations selected from 700 submissions. Many on-going researches are presented, which stimulated my own research. Next ICONIP will be held in Korea in 2013, in Malaysia in 2014.

SfN 2012

Yamazaki made a poster presentation at the annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2012).

Tadashi Yamazaki, Soichi Nagao. Theoretical study on importance of post-training periods for memory transfer in cerebellar motor learning 379.12. New Orleans, LA. Oct 12–17, 2012.


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