Yamazaki had an oral presentation at international conference ICONIP2012 held in Doha, Qatar in Nov 12-15.

 Tadashi Yamazaki, Soichi Nagao. Modeling Post-training Memory Transfer in Cerebellar Motor Learning. T. Huang et al. (Eds.): ICONIP 2012, Part III, LNCS 7665, pp. 417-424. 2012. Nov 12-15, Doha, Qatar.

It was a huge conference composed by 400 presentations selected from 700 submissions. Many on-going researches are presented, which stimulated my own research. Next ICONIP will be held in Korea in 2013, in Malaysia in 2014.

SfN 2012

Yamazaki made a poster presentation at the annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2012).

Tadashi Yamazaki, Soichi Nagao. Theoretical study on importance of post-training periods for memory transfer in cerebellar motor learning 379.12. New Orleans, LA. Oct 12–17, 2012.


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