Dr. Kurashige

Our research scientist Dr. Kurashige has apponted tenure-track lecturer in Tokai University. Conguratulations! Now, he is our guest research scientist so that we can finish our NEDO project.

1st open campus in 2018

On July 16th, we did a lab tour on the 1st open campus of this year. We had 85 + alpha visitors. Thanks for visiting us!

Access restriction

We block accesses from IE6 and older browsers, and from WinXP and older OSes, because they are basically SPAM.

Talk at Toyo University

Yamazaki gave an invited talk at Toyo University.

Tadashi Yamazaki. Neural network simulation (Japanese, invited). Public symposium on Philosophy and AI. June 16, 2018, Toyo University, Tokyo.

NC Workshop

Yamazaki gave an invited talk at OIST on 6/15.

Tadashi Yamazaki.
Reevaluating a theory of cerebellar cortex

New members

Mr. Yoshimura (M1) comes to graduate school, and Mr. Sunagawa (M1) and Mr. Furusho (Katsumi, B4) newly joined! Welcome!

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